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Option 1: Request for proposals (RFP)
Send your request for proposals with your detailed scope of work and a full quotation for services will be provided.
Option 2: Technical Support Credits

  • Want or need to skip the RFP process?
  • Not sure of the amount of technical services you need?
  • Cannot afford an FTE/PTE specialized analyst?
  • Need support for a project now and/or maybe in the future?
Technical Support Credits can be purchased in single or multiple bundles that are utilized for services when you need them.
  • Receive a cost sheet for the most popular analyses to keep you in control of your budget.
  • Quarterly calendar year account notifications.
  • Minimum purchase amount is 25 credits.
  • Travel/on-site work, if necessary, is 1/2 credit per hour.
Contact today for more information.

Technical Support Credits are non-refundable and costs are subject to change.

Option 3: Professional Retainer

  • Monthly fee to neutralize the overuse of service credits.

  • Certainty for budget planning purposes.

  • For agencies with an on-going need for a specialist without the hassles of 

    • employee's benefits,

    • insurance,

    • work space,

    • software,

    • training,

    • turnover.

Need more details? 

We are here to assist. Contact Beacon GIS by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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