• Robert McNally/ BeaconGIS

Beacon GIS guides Spartanburg Fire Dept. through another successful accreditation cycle!

When Spartanburg Fire Dept first contracted with Beacon GIS in late 2014, it was a rescue mission. They were unprepared for the accreditation review. While Beacon GIS worked with the fire department in a short term to become reaccredited in 2016, the latest successful reaccreditation at the CPSE virtual Hearing in May 2021 was more of a long-term effort beginning from scratch with the 9th Edition FESSAM. The fire department has found that it is fiscally efficient to contract with Beacon GIS than to have a dedicated FTE with benefits. Now, Beacon GIS looks forward to helping the department as it develops its documentation for the 10th Edition for its next accreditation hearing in 2026.