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Relocate or Stay put?

With the inevitable development of the former Johnson property, now owned by D.R. Horton Co., many people were concerned about fire protection for that area. The Town Council questioned whether Station 46 in Jamestown on Guilford Road should move closer to that area. Station 23 is on Mackay Road, slightly closer to the property than Station 46.

Pinecroft-Sedgefield Fire Department, which operates Station 46, teamed with Beacon GIS for a study to determine if the station should move. The answer was the “current station locations can serve the Johnson property adequately.”

Jamestown’s Station 46 is approximately 1.25 miles from the property and Station 23 is approximately three-fourths of a mile. PSFD has a response time of four minutes and these distances fall within that window. Several other stations, including those of High Point and Greensboro, could also serve the area.

Beacon GIS studied the impact on both stations, workload, response capability, ISO insurance rating and possible relocation.

Strangely, if Station 46 should move, Beacon GIS suggested the best place would be on East Main Street – near the underpass. Response from that location would probably travel East Main Street to Guilford College Road, rather than Guilford Road.

“The current stations can adequately serve this area and other areas outside Jamestown as a whole,” Carson said. “That’s great foresight in the planning that took place years ago.”

The Jamestown station was the third-busiest station within the Pinecroft-Sedgefield Fire Department in 2020.

The next step is to plan for expansions at the current locations. Station 46 in Jamestown was constructed for a smaller staff than now serves the station.

The Jamestown and Pinecroft-Sedgefield Fire Departments merged in 2003 and PSFD currently operates out of five stations covering 52 sq. miles, with a population of 27,000.

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